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About Constance

Born 1969, in Texas. Lives and works in Philadelphia, USA.

Culpepper studied psychology and studio art at Southern Methodist University (B.A.) and received an M.A. in Clinical Developmental Psychology from Bryn Mawr College. Her background in psychology informs her collective work, which is a study in domesticity and the commonalities of personal experience.

Culpepper worked as an archivist at the Barnes Foundation, and designed an art history program for the Lower Merion School District of Southeastern Pennsylvania, where she also served as Artist-in-Residence. She was a featured artist at Select Fair Art Basel Miami 2013 and 2014, and at the 2016 Democratic National Convention Headquarters. Culpepper is Director Emeritus of 3rd Street Gallery in Philadelphia, PA.

Her work is held in private collections throughout the United States and Russia and has been featured in national gallery, museum and university exhibitions.

I reenvision what surrounds me - household belongings intertwined with geometric and organic patterns to craft a narrative about domestic life, its inhabitants and the role of women in this domain. In place of the figure, I use vibrantly colored furnishings as the subjects of the setting to remind us that we are creatures of nature and habit, never growing free from expectations of and longings for home. With more than 60 million displaced people in the world today, the universality of this desire for shelter, acceptance, comfort, and stability is more pressing than ever.